LandscapeMusic.org hosts online publication Landscape Music and the affiliated Landscape Music Composers Network. The website was founded in 2015 by composer Nell Shaw Cohen, who serves as Director and Editor-in-Chief.

The mission of LandscapeMusic.org is to deepen public awareness and appreciation of the natural world by exploring and celebrating the work of contemporary composers and musicians who evoke landscape, nature, and place through music. We seek to increase the visibility of the works, methods, and philosophies of artists creating in this arena, including—but not limited to—members of the Landscape Music Composers Network.

Landscape Music Composers Network is a group of composers and musicians who have created substantial bodies of work connected to landscape, nature, and place, and for whom inspiration from the natural world is an ongoing focus. While our music could broadly be described as “contemporary concert music,” “contemporary classical,” or “New Music,” our works encompass wide-ranging influences from classical, popular, and traditional genres, creating work that may be notated, improvised, acoustic, and/or electronic.

To learn more about what we’re calling “Landscape Music” and the ideas behind this website, check out these columns written for NewMusicBox by Nell Shaw Cohen, Founder & Director of LandscapeMusic.org: Why Landscape Music is More Important than Ever (November 2015) and How Landscape Music Evokes the Natural World (December 2015).

What we do

Here’s some of what we have done, are doing, and hope to do, at Landscape Music and the Landscape Music Composers Network:

  • Publish original, in-depth explorations of how and why composers and musicians today are responding to landscape, nature, and place, and incorporating experiences in wilderness environments into their creative processes. (Our essays and interviews have addressed topics such as artist residencies in National Parks, illuminating ideas from science through music, and bringing together musical improvisation and ecology in educational settings.)
  • Partner with performers, ensembles, presenters, organizations, and government agencies to coordinate, curate, and promote concerts and other projects that seek to increase appreciation and awareness of the natural world, and which bring the work of Landscape Music composers to the public. (See the Landscape Music Composers Network for details on past and upcoming projects.)
  • Feature the work of Landscape Music composers online in order to connect audiences, presenters, and performers with unique, exciting, and heartfelt music by stylistically and geographically diverse composers who may or may not have achieved national-level visibility.
  • Probe complex questions, such as: What are the ways in which music can evoke or relate to experiences of the natural world? What are the unexplored potentials for connecting landscape and music? How can art and artists can have a positive effect on society through engagement with nature and environment?

Here are some of the things we don’t do:

  • Publish reviews of concerts and recordings, news, or press releases—unless they are incorporated into a thematic essay or feature projects from within the Landscape Music Composers Network.
  • Re-post, re-blog, or highlight content that is published elsewhere online (though some of our content may be adapted from articles and essays written by our contributors for other websites).
  • Host advertisements.
  • Independently produce or present concerts/concert series and recordings. However, we love collaborating with partners to bring Landscape Music-themed concert programs to the public. Our individual composer members also produce projects that are affiliated with Landscape Music Composers Network.


Please use the following form to contact Nell Shaw Cohen, Founder & Director of LandscapeMusic.org, if you have any questions or comments about this website, or if you are interested in getting involved as a contributing writer and/or as a member of the Landscape Music Composers Network.

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