Anne Vanschothorst

Anne Vanschothorst

Anne Vanschothorst. Photo: Pjotr van Schothorst.

Based in The Netherlands

“Between nature and music there is a mysterious, irreplaceable and eternal mystical connection. Besides conducting a symphony of sounds, nature is also a source of inspiration for artists/human beings. ― Like a sculptor as it were i shape sounds into cinematic imagery with the intent to move the listener. I believe in the power of subdued and stilled music that reflects the internal (psyche) and external (nature + cultural)  landscapes we are moving in = landscape music. A minimal and poetical note-score (so called harPoems) that comes from my strong desire to find beauty and consolation; music as an antidote to the present. Or to quote F. Nietzsche: without music life would be a mistake.”


‘Many of the miniatures remind me of Erik Satie — not that her music is in his style, but that both composers so thoroughly explore an artfully restricted sonic universe — in which chords and single melodic lines appear in alternation and at a pace slow enough to experience them almost as if they were sounding sculptures.’  AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE

Anne Vanschothorst (The Netherlands – 1974) is a pioneer exploring original minimal/harp (improv.) in subdued chamber jazz and (natural) soundscapes — using overdub and making sound sculptures with 47strings. She received international critical acclaim as an indie composer and producer who records sound on sound stilled mystical landscape music for in-a-room, film, multi-media and spoken word. This new poetic and inventive, edgy sonic universe next to the existing harp planet and music world, indicates that Anne walks off the beaten track. The written note-scores are frequently performed by international musicians and added to their repertoire. The ‘You Play i listen !‘ platform is an ongoing creativity project that is initiated to share Harp and Soul Music performed by others via videos and sound-clouds.

‘Anne’s magic gives us a weird sonorous world with bizarre fauna and flora through poetic imagination.’  KLASSIEK CENTRAAL

For the indie label Harp and Soul Music she has recorded two albums that are part of a landscape music trilogy. The Big Round / NAXOS (2014) international release Ek Is Eik (i am oak), Beautiful World (Harp and Soul Music 2017). The third album is a work in progress.

‘There is a stunning soundtrack quality to Anne Vanschothorst’s music, but that should be no surprise as she has been called upon to provide such to the visual arts.’  ALL ABOUT JAZZ

Authentic and heartfelt music, poetry, visual art, nature and daily seemingly innocent impressions are Anne’s main inspiration to make music and visuals. The moving pictures (harp and soul scapes) are co-produced with photographer and cameraman Pjotr van Schothorst). The landscape music videos are broadcasted on several Stingray tv-channels. Audio productions are placed e.g. in the cinema-movie and national television nature-doc. ‘Living River’, Discovery Communications (Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, TLC ao), an award winning short film ‘Innocent Creep’ featured at Tropfest New York and a GUCCI infomercial. Anne was commissioned to compose and record music for museum Boijmans van Beuningen.


Work Samples

“Why” from album Beautiful World (2017), with Recca Sier, voice; Thijs de Melker, keyboard; Anne Vanschothorst, harp.

‘Why’ is an improvised lament, sung in a fantasy language blending with harp and keyboard that evoke the emotions, the internal landscapes, of the listener. I wanted this song to be visualized in Iceland because of the amazing solitude of the landscapes that complement the music and tell a wonderful story.

“Terra Incognita” from album Beautiful World (2017) with Thijs de Melker, organ; Anne Vanschothorst, harp.

The aerial feeling in the harp/organ piece ‘Terra Incognita’ is captured in the landscape music video Caledonia, shot in Scotland. The colorful and enchanting landscapes were the inspiration for the lyrical harp music.”

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