Jacinta Clusellas

Jacinta Clusellas

Based in New York, NY
Website: jacintaclusellasmusic.com

“Growing up in Argentina, nature has always been part of my life and one of the main sources of joy and inspiration for me. When I am immersed in nature I feel closer to myself and therefore connected to my purpose for composing and being an artist.”


Jacinta Clusellas is a guitarist, composer and arranger from Buenos Aires, Argentina, currently based in NYC. Her debut album El Pájaro Azul was released at the Consulate of Argentina in NYC, and is being distributed in Japan under the record label Inpartmaint Inc. She is currently composing and arranging the music for “Azul Otra Vez” a Spanish language folkloric musical based on Ruben Darío’s works (BRIClab, NYTW, The Drama League & The Habitat) and writing the arrangements and orchestrations for I Am, a new play with music.

Jacinta has participated in projects as an arranger for Grammy award winning artist such as A.R. Rahman and Alejandro Sanz, she was the resident composer for NORA (Jerome Foundation, Lanesboro Arts, MN) and the Assistant Music Director for the The Boy Who Danced On Air (Abingdon Theatre Company). Jacinta holds a B.A. in Contemporary Writing and Production at Berklee College of Music; she is a Teaching Artist at the New York Philharmonic and a participating member at the Carnegie Hall Music Educators Workshop.

Work Samples

Remanso De Las Estrellas from “El Pájaro Azul” (2015). Find the full album at jacintaclusellasmusic.com.

“I composed Remanso de las Estrellas on a trip to Uruguay, one night looking at the sky full of stars, surrounded by silence.”

El Pájaro Azul from “El Pájaro Azul” (2015). Find the full album at jacintaclusellasmusic.com.

El Pájaro Azul is inspired by a short story by the Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío, which tells the story of a poet who struggles with his creativity arguing that he has a blue bird trapped inside of his head. At the end of the story, the poet lets the blue bird fly.

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