Frank Duarte

Portrait of Frank Duarte
Based in Lubbock, Texas

“Our planet is diverse, and I see that diversity through my experiences with people, animals, nature, and landscapes. From the scary howls of coyotes to the serene sounds of water trickling, I try to communicate some of my experiences with nature and landscapes through music. I believe we humans can experience nature through multiple lenses, and when it is at its calmest, it can bring us some joy, serenity, tranquility, comfort, and peace.”


Frank Duarte is an American composer, songwriter, and conductor. His music transcends conventional boundaries creating a programmatic approach full of luxuriant emotion, perception of color, and a palette of sonorities that makes it organic and innate. Recipient of two Global Music Awards for composer and song, for “Te Tengo Dentro, Todo el Tiempo” (upon its debut on social media was view by more than a quarter of a million people), Duarte has been granted two ASCAP Plus Awards and has had works performed throughout the United States, Japan, Greece, and Colombia by professionals and secondary, collegiate, and community ensembles. His music has been featured throughout universities including in seminars and conferences at Ball State University, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and Universidad del Cauca and recitals and concerts at the University of North Texas, Texas Tech University, Mills College, and Snow College among others.

A native of Metropolitan Los Angeles, Duarte earned an Associate of Arts degree in Music from Fullerton College, a Bachelor of Music degree in Composition from California State University, Northridge, and a Master of Music Degree in Composition from Butler University. He is currently pursuing the Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Composition at Texas Tech University, studying under Jennifer Jolley. His previous mentors have included Anthony Mazzaferro, Michael Colburn (Conducting), and Liviu Marinescu, Milen Kirov, Michael Schelle, and James Mulholland (Composition). He is currently an Instructor of Record, teaching Composition at Texas Tech University.

Work Samples

Song for Mother Gaia (2019) for choir. Portland State University Chamber Choir, conducted by Karen Porter.

“While perusing for a set of poems, I stumbled upon ‘June Night’ by Sara Teasdale. Like most of Sara’s poetry, this poem has a solemnity to it. Immediately, upon reading her poetry, three words came to mind: solitude, sincerity, and love. Song for Mother Gaia, is just that – a song for Earth, showcasing my love for our beautiful planet. I have always loved nature, and part of that love, I believe, comes from the fact that some form of it has always surrounded me. This composition explores many different colors that mimic a beautiful transient moment of daydreaming, appreciating the wonders and beauty of what I call this huge green planet, home.”

Behold, Aquarius (2016) for fixed media.

Behold, Aquarius for fixed media, is inspired by water, both as a resource and as a sonic inspiration. Sounds collected include but are not limited to water sounds, a shower, a toilet flushing, and filled mason jars. The work recounts a fictional imagination I had about Aquarius, the water carrier.”

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